The multisensor shaft measurement device


Universal measurement system for rotative parts


PREMION-M® is a measurement system that replaces a multitude of classical hand-held measuring tools nowadays used in production. It is a multifunctional table-top measuring station for rotationally symmetrical parts. Due to its modular design and the large choice of accessories PREMION-M® individually suits your requirements.


The measurement of precision parts can now be carried out right on the shop floor. With a single clamping of the workpiece tactile and optical measurements and a combination of both can be carried out. This results in substantial savings in terms of time and production costs.


On a stable stone base (granite) a longitudinal slide is mounted guided on high- precision rails. The slide can be equipped with different measurement modules which can be selected individually. The workpiece is recieved between the tips of head- and tailstock. A huge set of specific clamping devices is available.

Measurement range - length:
400mm; 800mm; 1200mm; 2000mm other lengths on request

Measuring range - diameter:
125mm; 160mm; 220mm other diameters on request

Display unit with integrated measurement electronics:

  • 6 inputs for axes (optionally up to 9 axes)
  • Input for camera and illumination system
  • RS 232 interface
  • USB Interface
  • 1 Network socket
  • 1 Trigger input
  • 1 Socket for pedal switch

The measurement and display software as well as the touchscreen monitor are part of the base configuration.


The measuring solution for your part selection.


Combination measurement:
optical / tactile length measurement

Combination measurement:
optical / tactile diameter measurement