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Maintenance and quality control

The PREMION wave measuring devices are used in quality control for testing and measuring different workpieces. They must be integrated into the testing equipment management in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 and are thus subject to a corresponding test interval. In order to always guarantee the high quality of the measurement, IBB TECHNOLOGY offers an annual periodic calibration service of your PREMION wave measuring devices. The quality control is carried out exclusively with calibrated testing and measuring instruments traceable to national and international standards.


After calibration and testing of the wave measuring devices, you are handed out a quality checklist, a certificate with details of the test equipment and the current status.


Conversion and retrofitting

You would like to bring your PREMION wave measuring devices up to the state of the art? Thanks to the modular design of the shaft encoders, IBB TECHNOLOGY can update almost any device at any time!



When concluding a maintenance contract for your PREMION wave measuring technology you will receive a cost advantage of 10%! After performing the maintenance we will hand out to you a protocol and a certificate as well as a test sticker. IBB TECHNOLOGY also provides maintenance and quality control for third-party manual wave measuring devices.



If you need a repairing or service, IBB TECHNOLOGY service engineers are there for you worldwide. Just let us know what you need by phone and an employee of our service staff will be on-site for you at short notice!